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  • Still failing online?

  • Nauseated by the internet hype?

  • Still surfing for the holy grail?

  • Don’t know where to start?

  • Struggling to sift the good stuff from the BS?

  • Trying everything but nothing works?

  • Frustrated with your attempts?

  • Keep on trying new stuff but no cigar?

  • Can you earn online without spending?

  • Why are you struggling?


My name is Connie Muller, and together with my online partner Rodney Goodall have been active online since 2006. Sadly, we are not yet millionaires. But that is because we were too clever for our own good – and slow to button down the proper habits. Strangely, we both did very well in the brick-and-mortar world, but somehow we kept on jumping around like grasshoppers with our online endeavours.

Both of us actually learned the NUMBER ONE rule for online success at an early stage, but we did not find it interesting enough to keep on hacking away at it.

Actually, Rodney used the principle to generate over $1,300 per month in a market where most people make no money. I, on the other hand, kept on expanding my horizons. 

Not that it was a total waste of time. I kept on expanding my online skillset and more specifically in the technical direction – which currently enables me to earn very well full time. But if ONLY I stuck to the most important thing… Rodney looked across the playground and saw me doing all kinds of interesting stuff, which distracted him enough to come have a look what my toys looked like. As a sidenote, you are going to find a TON of stuff that threatens to distract you online. The next shiny object, the latest gimmick, the big secret and people cracking all kinds of code. Take it from us – learn to ignore that noise.

So Rodney and I spent some years exploring the playground, doing joint ventures and rather enjoying ourselves. The sad reality was that we BOTH neglected the most important activity. We made some bucks, but not consistently. Fast forward about 10 years from our humble beginnings, and we had done enough digging in the sandpatch. We had heaps of skills, but only inconsistent income to show for it.

Then in 2015 we ran 2 campaigns with great success. We were excited and retrospective at the same time. We started looking at the primary reasons for all our success stories, big and small. And lo and behold – we had an epiphany. The rule did not only apply to us. Looking around, the principle was working for everyone who applied it. And it’s no secret, no code that needs to be cracked. And it worked for practically anything you wanted to do. But hey! Why don’t you signup and join us on the inside where we will share everything – joining us is free!

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We could also wave impressive numbers under your nose and even falsify earnings. But that would break down our credibility which we believe will always come back to bite you in the bum at some stage. Below we are showing you just three of our “accounts” that we use. Not earning millions to dazzle you, but showing real life earnings that we believe most people can achieve.

Inside the members area we will show you how I am earning fulltime online for more than a year now. Rodney has been a stay-at-home dad for about 10 years now, and he will also show how he earned his first stream of over $1,300 per month using a very “cheap” market.

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We get it. You are still wondering. What will make your experience with us different? Will we actually add value to your online expedition?

Today, we hand you a new tomorrow.

  • You will have multiple choices to choose from.

  • You can choose your path, and we will guide

  • We will hand you the keys to unlock success online

  • We will also hand you the recipe

  • That being said – you have to action

  • Without action there will be no results

  • Your next action determines your future



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